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Tactical Baton 5.11


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The black MFH tactical telescopic baton has a total of three parts that can be pulled out of the base shaft. The pull-out mechanism resembles a telescope and is also called a telescopic stick. All rod links are made of solid and quality steel, and the handle is coated with rubber. The rubber handle has deep patterns, which contributes to the ergonomics of the handle. That is why the handle does not slip and stands stably in the hand. The steel telescopic rod comes with a Nylon case with which you can easily hang it on your belt.

One of the advantages of pull-out sticks is that when they are folded, they take up very little space, and are great for concealed carrying. Telescopic sticks are also longer and more durable than a classic baton, so members of the police opt for this type of baton more. In addition to uniformed persons, telescopic sticks can also be used by civilians in cases of self-defense.


    • Material: high quality steel with black matt finish
    • Weight: 420 grams
    • The handle has an additional rubber layer with patterns, non-slip, stable
    • The telescopic rod comes with a holster


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