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SOS Multifunctional Survival Kit


The SOS kit contains a flashlight, compass, fire starter, hand saw, whistle, and multi-function utensil tool. Can be used for traveling and other purposes

SOS Multifunctional Survival Kit is beneficial for both traveling and survival purposes as it has around 10 items in it that can be used in any situation when you are traveling or when there is a Tactical Situation respectively.

Key Features of SOS Multifunctional Survival Kit

  • Flashlight, compass, fire starter, hand saw whistle, and multi-function utensil tool.
  • Easy to carry, for all kinds of outdoor emergency
  • The camping tools SOS kit is small fold-able multi-tool pliers with various tools
  • knife, Serrated blade,
  • Philips Head screwdriver,
  • Flat Head screwdriver,
  • bottle opener,
  • tiny led flashlight.
  • Handy credit card multi-tool can be used as saw, knife, bottle opener, can opener, Hexa-wrench, flat head screwdriver, ruler, and so on.
  • Whistle: extremely loud, great for outside emergency survival and also for sporting events, camping and hiking, boating.


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